Now I know I never have been the tidiest of people but I suppose everyone has there own idea of what tidy is. I’ve been to some wonderful wild places all over the world and it makes me realise how much the wildlife in this country is struggling ,mainly down to lack of habitat
I’m not saying my garden is the answer to saving British wildlife ,but I know that it might help by creating a tiny refuge for insects to hopefully thrive on the wild flowers that had established themselves in my so called lawn. It’s not just the wild flowers that help, I’ve put in a small pond and take great delight in just looking at the changes in it each day as the plants slowly develop and the insects in it start to increase .

If I said it’s all about wild plants and a small pond I’d be completely wrong,I’ve actually still got my flower borders and ok even they aren’t the tidiest. But they have got weeds ,sorry wildflowers in the wrong place amongst some carefully chosen perennials and shrubs that hopefully look good but still attract various bugs so that they can benefit from them.

So maybe my untidiness is absolute heaven for a few small creatures hopefully ,and maybe if everyone could do something similar even on a tiny scale just think of the wild area overall that could be created . Just by being a little bit untidy
Ladybird carrying insects